Shanghai Clearing House Adds Digital Yuan Support for Commodity Trading

• Shanghai Clearing House has launched digital yuan clearing and settlement services for commodity trading.
• This development offers several benefits, including security, cost-effectiveness, and simplified cross-border transactions.
• Other instances of digital yuan adoption include Shandong International Commodity Exchange, Qingdao City urban rail transit fees payments, and 618 Festival transactions.


Shanghai Clearing House, a financial institution under China’s central bank, has introduced digital yuan clearing and settlement services for commodity trading to promote the internationalization of the Chinese currency.

Benefits of Digital Yuan Adoption

This move enhances cross-bank clearings and settlements using the digital yuan for commodities with benefits such as security, cost-effectiveness, and simplified cross-border transactions. The introduction of the digital yuan could further propel its internationalization in finance.

Instances of Digital Yuan Adoption

In October 2022, Shandong International Commodity Exchange reportedly executed a 1M yuan settlement for imported rubber using the digital yuan while Qingdao City recently enabled users to pay urban rail transit fees using digital currency conveniently. During the 618 Festival in 2023, witnessed a 254% increase in digital yuan transactions compared to the previous year with record transaction volumes.

Chinese Government Involvement

The Chinese government decided to pay civil servants using the official digital currency starting in May 2023 to promote wider adoption among government personnel as well as teachers, healthcare professionals, journalists state-owned business employees etc..


The increasing acceptance of China’s CBDC by institutions indicates its potential to revolutionize financial transactions within the country while also propelling its internationalization all around the world.