MetaMask Warns of Fake Airdrop Claims: Be On the Lookout!

• MetaMask, a web3 wallet operator, warned its customers about “false rumors” of an upcoming non-existent airdrop.
• The warning came after Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, mentioned plans to distribute a token during a recent session at ETHDenver 2023.
• MetaMask witnessed a surge of interest due to reports of an airdrop back in November 2021.

MetaMask Warns Users About Fake Airdrop Claims

The operator of the web3 wallet known as MetaMask has warned its customers about „false rumors“ about a non-existent airdrop circulating on social media. They have issued the warning on their Twitter account and urged users to be cautious for any fake sites in the coming days.

Recent Airdrops From Ethereum Name Service

The new reports could be connected to a „fireside chat“ session that took place on March 14 at ETHDenver 2023 with ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin. During this session, Joe Lubin emphasized that his company is „currently trying to decentralize“ MetaMask and mentioned the group had plans to distribute a token. As a result of these rumors, there was an increase in activity on MetaMask’s platform following recent airdrops from the Ethereum Name Service and Lubin’s token announcement from November 2021.

MetaMask Sees Surge In Interest

Due to these rumors, there was an increase in activity on MetaMask’s platform as people began speculating about an upcoming snapshot or air drop taking place on March 31st . This surge in interest followed similar surges that occurred after recent air drops from both Ethereum Name Service as well as Lubin’s token announcement from November 2021.

Warning To Stay Vigilant For Phony Sites

MetaMask has urged customers to stay vigilant for any phony sites in the days ahead as these rumors continue circulating online with no evidence backing them up. The team also warned users against giving out personal information or responding to requests for funds under any pretenses related to this false rumor.


It is important for users who use Metamask wallet service or other cryptocurrency related services not be taken advantage by malicious actors who might try take advantage off false rumors like this one regarding an alleged upcoming air drop. It is recommended that users remain vigilant and do their own research before engaging with any suspicious looking sites or offers online regarding crypto related services or events such as this one discussed here today