Bitcoin Headed to $40K? Van de Poppe Thinks So!

• Michael Van de Poppe predicts that Bitcoin could reach $40,000 by April 5, 2023.
• He believes that a strong adjustment in the Dollar Currency Index will be bullish for higher-risk assets like BTC.
• Bitcoin’s market value is now estimated to be at $551 billion.

Michael Van de Poppe’s Prediction

Crypto trader Michael van de Poppe has noted that the key price level of $27,900 for bitcoin (BTC) was maintained, causing it to soar up to $28,700 overnight. He went on to say that this consolidation implies that its price should continue increasing over the next few days until it reaches $30,000. Additionally, based on his research he thinks that BTC could even possibly hit between $40,000 and $45,000 in the near future.

Dollar Currency Index Influence

Van de Poppe suggests that a significant shift in the Dollar Currency Index (DCI) will drive up prices of riskier assets such as crypto and BTC. Furthermore, he indicated there would be a few months where bitcoin will appreciate followed by a period of correction before further rising again; this window will close when the Federal Reserve alters its monetary policy which is anticipated soon.

Bitcoin Price Predictions

The current 24-hour price charts show an all-time high weekly performance which has resulted in an estimated market capitalisation of $551 billion for bitcoin. With this gain van de Poppe expects bitcoin to potentially reach between $40K and 45K in no time.

MacGlone’s Optimistic View

Analyst McGlone also released a statement where he highlighted how untouchable bitcoin currently is due to its popularity among investors worldwide who are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios and benefit from cryptocurrencies appreciation over time


It seems that more experts are joining forces with optimists who believe Bitcoin can reach new heights in 2023 as institutional investors have started showing greater interest in digital assets lately. In light of Van de Poppe’s predictions and MacGlone’s views on BTC being untouchable we can expect some major gains during this year if these estimations turn out correct after all!